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Vitamin C Therapy


The benefits of High Dose Vitamin C Infusions, known as IV therapy is well known in many countries. It's growing in popularity in London and other major UK cities owing to the national rise in health awareness. Many people who have used IV Vitamin C feel invigorated and 'alive again'.

Bedford Health Lounge is offering high dose IV Vitamin C. It is the first of its kind in the area.

Fully endorsed by Dr Graeme & Dr Lilian Munro-Hall; pioneers in IV therapy both in the UK & Germany.



Different Type Of Services To Make You Better!

Hydroxocobalamin is administered by IM injection or IV infusion.

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an

We offer High Dose Vitamin C Infusions to our clients. The bespoke treatment room we have here

“Vitamin C is essential to life itself. We can’t live without it, and our bodies can

Biological Age machine here at Bedford Health Lounge offers you the opportunity to find out your Physiological

Modest. Safe. Beneficial.

Here at Bedford Health Lounge we are offering a new service: Radiometric Infrared Thermal


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High Dose Vitamin C Infusions
Nick Hockings having High Dose Vitamin C Infusion

Nick decided to follow a natural course of treatment using High Dose Vitamin C Infusions. He travels from Essex on a regular basis for IV therapy to help keep his PSA levels down. He has hormone treatments, blood injections weekly and ozone therapy. The link to Nicks Story is


- Nick Hockings has High Dose Vitamin C Infusions

“This helped rejuvenate me
after a tour !
‘High Dose Vitamin C Infusions’ really are helping to pioneer recovery whether ill or not.
Can thoroughly recommend this. ”
Steve Harris (Base Guitarist) – Iron Maiden.


- Steve Harris has High Dose Vitamin C Infusions

Thank you Karen for creating this elegant, safe and secure Sanctuary. It is calm and peace nestled quietly not far from Bedford Town. A jewel for all those seeking the health benefits of High Dose Vitamin C infusions. Thank you for this unique, enjoyable, experience. I now have more energy, motivation, focus and balance, even joy knowing that as a Bedfordian I can visit on a regular basis.

- Cynthia Bagchi has High Dose Vitamin C Infusions

Irene Walsh

I’ve known Karen for many years and would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health. She is a great health practitioner with a lot of experience in giving infusions. As a person, Karen is warm, caring and very thorough and really looks after her clients. Her approach to life and health is very positive and the treatments are unique – you have to experience it for yourself.

- Irene Walsh has High Dose Vitamin C Infusions.

- Sheena Kelly has High Dose Vitamin C Infusions

- Alicia Smith has High Dose Vitamin C Infusions