Holistic Dentist, Health Consultant & Coach 

Bridging the Gap

Connecting the seemingly unconnected

Dr Jung has been an advocate for holistic dentistry ever since leaving Dental school over 30 years ago.

Early on, he realized that treating symptoms is the most common approach that dentists and doctors take to tackle illnesses. Convinced that there must be more, he embarked on a remarkable journey to explore complementary diagnostic and treatment methods which offer a whole person approach.

The Qualifications

Besides being qualified as a Dentist and Naturopath (German Heilpraktiker), his qualifications include being a certified member of the German Association of Holistic Dentists, a Doctor of F.-X. Mayr Medicine and a certified NLP Master Coach. He is also trained in Applied Kinesiology.

The Dentist

Prior to moving to the UK to work with Drs Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall, the UK’s pioneers in holistic dentistry, he ran two successful holistic dental practices in Germany. He worked at the prestigious Paracelsus-Clinic in Switzerland and early on in his career, gained a deep understanding of the importance as well as the benefits of a whole-body approach with his clients.

Over the years, Dr Jung has witnessed first-hand, the damage that inadequate nutrition and detrimental lifestyle choices combined with toxic dental treatments and dental materials, can do to a client’s health and the transformational changes that can happen once these areas have been addressed.

The Author

In 2012 he published his first book “Weapons of Plaque Destruction” written together with Graeme Dinnen, on how to cure and prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Decay with an easy to learn blotting technique and a genius little toothbrush, the “Blotting Brush.”

His second book is due to be published in March of next year which focuses on bridging the gap between natural health and dentistry.

The Podcaster
In December 2016 he launched his German website www.drelmarjung.com, where he started a Podcast about Holistic Dentistry and overall health.

The Pioneer

His newly launched pioneering consultancy service bridges the gap between dentistry and overall health which can support you in achieving your dental and overall health goals.

The Health Consultant and Coach

In the initial consultation with Dr Jung you learn about

  • Hazardous toxins and often life-threatening risks of dental materials and treatments and what you can do about them.
  • The connection your teeth have with the rest of your body and how to use this to your advantage.
  • How to eliminate the toxins and poisons lurking around you in everyday life.
  • The devastating consequences that negative emotions can have on your health and teeth and how to reverse them.
  • Powerful, clear and effective solutions from a leading UK expert in naturopathy and holistic dentistry.

By the end of your initial consultation you’ll understand why your teeth, gum, jaw bones and joints are probably the most important parts of your health and how applying what was discussed in the appointment, can help to transform your health.

Dr Jung recommends metal-free dental treatments accompanied by detoxification and supplementation protocols. In his holistic consultancy and coaching approach, he combines his dental and naturopathic expertise.

The Mission

Dr Jung is on a mission. His main goal is for his clients to be in charge of their own health and wellbeing.

His mission is to raise his client’s awareness about the influence dental materials and treatments can have on their overall health.

If you always suspected that there is more to your health than just ‘living’ with it, then this service is for you.

By following Dr Jung’s guidelines and recommendations you can kick-start your well-being revolution and transform your health.

More about Dr Elmar Jung

Dr Elmar Jung originates from Stuttgart in Germany and now lives near Chichester, West Sussex.

He lectures in the UK and internationally.

“In my capacity as holistic dentist I have seen the tremendous benefits of high dose Vitamin C infusions after surgery and metal removal, supporting patient’s speed of recovery from treatment, as well as detoxifying heavy metals and improving their immune system function, enhancing health and wellbeing.

As a naturopath I recommend Vitamin C infusions to support patients who suffer from chronic illnesses because Vitamin C interacts with iron to build hydrogen peroxide which can selectively counteract unhealthy cells and it neutralises free radicals, however Vitamin C does not harm healthy cells.

Even as a one off boost before an important event, Vitamin C is highly beneficial.

I have not seen any adverse reaction to high dose Vitamin C infusion even in patients with kidney issues.

One contraindication for Vitamin C is G6DP deficiency. This condition originates from areas of the world where malaria is or was common, for example, the Mediterranean, Africa, Middle and Far East and Asia. So, if your ancestors descend from these areas please have your blood checked for G6DP deficiency.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which plays an important role in collagen production and anti-aging and it promotes vascular health.” Dr. Elmar Jung.