What is in an infusion?
An infusion is where the vitamin is administered directly into the bloodstream through a vein in the arm. The vitamin C is mixed in sodium lactate solution which is very similar to blood plasma. We have a selection of additions that can be added at your request.
What is High Dose Vitamin C?
This is 25g – 50g vitamin C in each infusion, many places offer 0.3g – 22.5g so we class our infusions as High Dose.
How long does an infusion take?

Depends on the size of  the infusion, usually between 2 – 3 hours, it might be done quicker but getting stressed about the time is a counterproductive reaction to the IV. If you decide you will not have enough time to have a ‘restful’ infusion then please reschedule.

Can I get too much vitamin C ?

No, there are no problems with IV-C even at high doses of 50g. 

Should I eat before I come for an infusion?

Please make sure you have eaten before the infusion, even if it’s something light. This is to keep your blood sugar levels raised. If you do not then as your body is already on empty the infusion can make you feel slightly light headed.

Why is alcohol not allowed after a Vitamin C infusion?
Alcohol is dehydrating so it can upset the water balance in the body taken on the same day as the IV-C. 
Can I exercise after an infusion?
Strenuous exercise directly after an infusion when the body is adjusting is not advised. It is much better to relax and let the body “find its feet” as it were rather than having to cope with the stress of exercise at the same time as adjusting to new advanced nutritional state.

What should I expect after an infusion?

1. Expect, especially after the very first infusion of 25g or over to feel remarkably calm, cool and collected. Thinking may well be clearer and you will be in a more relaxed state than normal. This is due to the release and elimination of the buildup of toxins from the body. 

2. A feeling of thirst is normal and expected. Clean water is recommended as well as small amounts of diluted apple juice. Keep drinking, an absolute minimum of 1 litre within 12 hours. Teas and coffee are no substitute for water.

3. Eating something beforehand is a good idea. An infusion on an empty stomach can cause a drop in blood sugar which may make you feel faint or lightheaded. If this does happen during an infusion, you will be given something to eat and drink to combat this.

What is Infrared Thermal Imaging?

This is a non-invasive test of physiology with no risks or side effects. No compression and no radiation, it is completely safe. 

How are the images taken?

The equipment used is the Highest specification FLIR B620, this is basically a very specialised camera.

How long does Thermal Imaging take?

We ask you to allow an hour for the consultation and the images to be taken. 

When do I get the results?

We send a report by email within a few days, you will be told when you are here the day to expect it. If you require a printed copy in a presentation folder this can be arranged for a small fee.