My Story

My name is Karen Gentle, since March 2000 I have worked closely along side Dr Graeme Munro-Hall who pioneered the Hall V-Tox Therapy. He has been a strong advocate of the benefits of IV Vitamin C for over 40 years both in the UK & Germany.

I have been highly trained by Dr Graeme & Dr Lilian Munro-Hall who have revolutionised dentistry; by claiming the safe removal of dental toxins and infections with the aid of Vitamin C using IV therapy.

For the last 18 years I have worked in this field & have administered over 10,000 IV vitamin C infusions.

Initially I trained in Haematology at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage; where I learnt my Phlebotomy skills in 1989.

I became a Registered Dental Nurse in 2008.

The benefits of IV therapy is well known in many countries. It’s growing in popularity in London and other major UK cities owing to the national rise in health awareness. Many people who have used IV Vitamin C feel invigorated and ‘alive again’.

Bedford Health Lounge is offering low, medium & high dose IV Vitamin C. It is the first of its kind in the area.

Graeme & Lilian retired in August 2017, their associate Dr Elmar Jung has moved and is now practicing in Portsmouth using all he learnt from Dr Graeme Munro-Hall. He is fully endorsing Bedford Health Lounge and is very much involved, along side Ms Sam Cooper who is a wellbeing coach and great believer in Vitamin C IV Therapy.