Vitamin C Prices. 

Free consultation.

Step 1 choose your base infusion:

IV Boost. £75
Contains 7.5g Vitamin C. Pick me up after a heavy night out, training session or stressful situation. Feeling run down and fatigued, wanting a quick boost: takes approx 30 minutes.

IV 25. £115
Contains 25g Vitamin C. A more profound effect and is what is called a physiological dose: takes 2 hours.

IV 50. £155
Contains 50g Vitamin C. At this high dose the vitamin C has a longer lasting effect: takes 3 hours.

IV or IM B12. £30

Step 2 choose your cocktail.
Pick me up. Add B-Complex & Glutathione £42
Skin, hair & nails. Add B-Complex, Glutathione & multi-minerals £54
Detoxification. All additions £65

OR choose from the individual additions.
B-Complex. £12.
B vitamins are essential for good skin and hair as are minerals. Minerals are needed for health and getting them by infusion means that they are immediately available.
Vitamin B12. £12.
B12 is often lacking in the diet especially the elderly, vegetarians and vegans.
Glutathione. £30.
Glutathione is an antioxidant used to getting rid of the toxins in the body. It increases the effectiveness of vitamin C.
Selenium. £12.
Selenium is endemically low in western diets and adding selenium to an infusion helps redress this as well as displace heavy metals such as mercury from the body.(used in metal fillings and preserve vaccines)
Multi-Minerals. £12.
Includes potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese & cobolt. These trace elements are needed for optimum nutrition and performance

Radiometric Infrared Thermal Imaging. 

Free Consultation.

One area £99, two areas £175, three areas £200.

Full Body Scan £400

Physiological Age.

Initial consultation and screening £25

Follow-up appointments £15