Dr. Elmar Jung – Holistic Dentist, Health Consultant & Coach

“In my capacity as holistic dentist I have seen the tremendous benefits of high dose Vitamin C infusions after surgery and metal removal, supporting patient’s speed of recovery from treatment, reducing swelling and pain as well as detoxifying heavy metals and improving their immune system function, enhancing health and wellbeing.

As a naturopath I recommend Vitamin C infusions to support patients who suffer from chronic illnesses because Vitamin C interacts with iron to build hydrogen peroxide which can selectively counteract unhealthy cells and it neutralises free radicals, however Vitamin C does not harm healthy cells.

Even as a one off boost before an important event, when a cold or flu is on its way or as a hangover boost, Vitamin C is highly beneficial.

I have not seen any adverse reaction to high dose Vitamin C infusion even in patients with kidney issues.

One contraindication for Vitamin C is G6DP deficiency. This condition originates from areas of the world where malaria is or was common, for example, the Mediterranean, Africa, Middle and Far East and Asia. So, if your ancestors descend from these areas please have your blood checked for G6DP deficiency.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which plays an important role in collagen production and anti-aging and it promotes vascular health.” Dr. Elmar Jung.

Sam Cooper – Emotional Health & Wellbeing Coach. Spiritual Healer

When I was working towards optimising my health and looking to get well from chronic illness, Vitamin C played a vital part in my recovery. Vitamin C infusions contribute significantly towards helping the body detoxify, especially of heavy metals. Its antioxidant effect gives the body the necessary fuel in which it can help overcome many chronic conditions. Not only that it also helps in reducing stress and anxiety and according to research, it may even be able to repair damaged nerve cells.

Used in combination with the specific way I work with my clients, it creates a powerful combination for optimal health and wellbeing.

On a more personal note, it’s a fabulous tonic for the skin and as far as I am concerned, its anti-aging properties are legendary.” Sam Cooper.

Please note IV vitamin C is not a medical treatment and not a replacement for conventional medicine.